I want to first start by saying thank you for attending my workshop. I enjoyed presenting to your group! I hope you had as much fun as I did and took away some great tidbits. As promised, here is the FREE tip sheet on how to detox your inbox.

  1. Buff Up Your Inbox: “Buffing” means moving the clutterCreate new folders in your email program and name them by year, quarter, or month (excluding the current year, quarter or month). Your old messages are still there—they’re just out of the way. One day you cand deal with them, but I can guarantee you won’t. That’s the number one problem regarding email. You think you are going to get around to reading, replying, or otherwise reacting to so many messages, but you don’t. Buffing lets you get them out of the way without actually getting rid of them.
  2. Delineate: So once you have an inbox that doesn’t feel suffocating, you need to create some filters or other ways of delineating automatically going forward. I recommend using different email accounts for different purposes, rather than one for everything. For now just have two one for business and one for personal or junk. Secondly is through setting up folders and automated sorting.
  3. Discard: Delete as much as you can without getting caught up in the content of any one message. If you’re not sure about a message, just leave it alone for now.
  4. Maintain: Set aside time in your day to respond & take actions on email. (once, twice or three times daily for X amount of time). Delete any unnecessary items/spam quickly. Don’t hum and ha over them.  

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