I have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing simple, practical productivity solutions.


I have customized solutions for each individual I work with.


My clients’ story of success speaks volumes.


The teacher in me loves an opportunity to dig deep into how someone learns and help that person create achievable productivity goals. My 8 years as a professional organizer enable me to create personalized systems for each individual I work with.

Equally important, I know how to hold people accountable for what they say they want to achieve. If you want a true and dedicated partner who is serious about your ability to improve your productivity, I am the coach for you.

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Human resource personnel at businesses around North Carolina hire me to provide productivity training tailored to fit the needs of their staff. I use my expertise as a teacher and professional organizer assess how individuals and teams learn best and to develop easy, clear systems to help create achievable goals for change. Here are some of the places I’ve provided training lately:

  • Duke University Medical Center
  • Duke Clinical Research
  • SAS
  • NC Community Associations Institute
  • K.N.O.W, Morrisville Chamber of Commerce
  • Vend Raleigh Illuminate
  • Working Mothers’ Luncheon, Raleigh Chamber of Commerce
  • Hillsborough / Orange County Chamber of Commerce


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