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Lori is a sought after facilitator, coach, and speaker, who truly inspires all those she comes in contact with. Her expertise in communication and storytelling can help your team maximize their impact and reach, and take your team to the next level.

Corporate Facilitator

From burnout recovery, to strategies for staying relevant and energized, Lori provides the inspiration and practical guidance to elevate your workforce. Lori's trainings are interactive with plenty of break out exercises to make sure that her audience is getting everything they need to take what they learn and apply it easily.

Lori is an accredited training facilitator.

Keynote Speaker

Lori brings your leaders and teams together with her developmental and empowering topics.

She energizes the room and gets them involved in the topic.

Nothing is boring when Lori is speaking.

Lori is on the list of speakers with the National Speakers Association.

Certified Coach

Lori is at the top of her game as a facilitator, coach and speaker and brings excellence to all she teaches. She give her one on one coaching clients the same high touch and affective training that she does as a corporate facilitator.

She is certified through the Professional Certified Coaches program.

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What others are saying about Lori!

Lori's astute and intuitive listening allowed me to get right to the heart of the matter of where I was getting stopped in scaling my business revenue. She is able to reflect quickly and offer specific consulting that will immediately produce results and also offers insightful and direct coaching that will open up new ways of approaching any productivity or mindset issue.


Devora Fish

Founder/Emerging Professional/Mentorship Alliance.

Lori is an energetic and dynamic individual with a passion for teaching others. She delivers an engaging, fun, and encouraging environment through her presentations. Her strong training, presentation and intrapersonal skills engages and motivates her audience. Lori has a strong knowledge of how to create curriculum that provides the learner with the skills to problem solve and think critically. She is professional, prompt and working with her is a delight. This was the second time she has been invited to speak to our members on how to be more profitable in their business through productivity.


Kara L. Pittman

Co-owner at Terra Nova Global Properties.

Had an amazing brief session with Lori Bruhns, We began by discussing what obstacles and challenges may be holding us back from achieving our goals. Lori was able to draw from me something I have been wanting to do with my business for the past 5 years and not been able to complete.


Joanne Estes

Social entrepreneur, small business owner, direct marketer

Lori is a fan favorite trainer with our training attendees. She consistently receives rave reviews from training attendees who note that she is "fun and engaging" and "their favorite trainer". In addition to her facilitation skills, she is tech savvy which helps make our virtual training even more impactful.


Susan Zoll

HR, Training & Development, Compensation & Benefits. Talent Management

Educational, energetic, and entertaining! I was dreading a 4 day management class, thinking about all of the work that would pile up on my desk, for maybe one nugget I might get out of it. I was so wrong. Lori used the time with purpose, kept the class moving, interacted with us,and made us interact with each other. She not only gave us tips and tools to achieve better results with our people; she provided authors, books, and personal insights to help us continue becoming better managers. I would highly recommend Lori and hope she comes back for future training classes.


Kelly Sciera

Admin Services Supervisor at Coastal Beverage Company

Meet Lori

Lori Bruhns is a multilingual corporate facilitator, coach and keynote speaker. She is an expert in working with corporations and individual who want more without doing more.

Lori is an ALPHA XI DELTA…

Alpha Xi Delta's inspire women to realize their potential by providing opportunities for Sisterhood, leadership, knowledge and service. Since its founding in 1893, we have grown into a strong organization consisting of more than 162,000 initiated members. Lori truly inspires all those she comes in contact with.

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